Какова важность адсорбционной таблицы машины резания ЧПУ?
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Какова важность адсорбционной таблицы машины резания ЧПУ?

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With the continuous progress and development of science and technology, cutting machines can also help furniture factories improve processing efficiency, save time and effort, and are now the main productivity of panel furniture manufacturers.

The vacuum vacuum adsorption table is one of the important configurations of the CNC furniture cutting machine. The equipment adopts the vacuum vacuum adsorption table. The table can absorb plates of different sizes, and its adsorption capacity is relatively high, so that it can ensure that the plates will not appear in the process of processing. The situation affects the processing progress of the plate.


vacuum suction table

What are the advantages of the CNC cutting machine vacuum adsorption table?

1. The vacuum vacuum adsorption table has strong adsorption capacity, which will not cause the running board phenomenon of the plate during processing, and ensure the processing accuracy.

2. The vacuum table is divided into 6 zones, and the adsorption capacity of the zones can improve the processing efficiency.

3. Save electricity, the strong adsorption capacity is used in processing and production, which can save more electricity.

4. It is more conducive to processing plates with different shapes and sizes, and improving the utilization rate of plates.

wood cutting machine

ATC CNC router with vacuum suction table

The CNC cutting machine completes all operations through the computer, which is simple, convenient, flexible and easy to learn. Usually, only one worker is needed to complete it, and it also solves the problem of labor