Каковы классификации режущей машины?
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Каковы классификации режущей машины?

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With the development of the panel furniture industry, various types of cutting machines have appeared. What can be roughly divided into?

1Single head cutting machine

Single head cutting machine: This cutting machine is mainly used for cutting, grooving, engraving, and ordinary vertical holes for plates. Generally, friends who have just entered the furniture industry will choose this equipment. It is cheap and has complete functions. It is a basic cutting machine.

wood cnc machine

2Multi-spindlecutting machinewood for furniture

The multi-process cutting machine (three-process/four-process) has multiple processing spindles, which can continuously complete the work of cutting, grooving, and punching. There is no need to manually change the tool, and the processing speed is more than three times higher than that of the ordinary single-head cutting machine. Manufacturers with a small scale will choose this equipment, and some newcomers who have recharged funds will also choose this equipment. It belongs to the cutting machine. A good value for money.

wood machine

3Double-process plus drilling

The highlight of this machine is that it adds a drilling package on the basis of other cutting machines, which can be divided into (single spindle + drilling, double spindle and drilling, automatic tool change spindle + row drilling). It can quickly punch vertical holes, and adjacent holes can be processed at the same time, and the punching tool can be automatically changed according to different hole sizes, and the punching efficiency can be twice as fast.

侧孔机 (22)

4.Disc tool change and drill row

The spindle equipped with thisCNC wood furniture machine is a big brand high-power spindle with fast processing speed. The bed is specially customized, and the stability is very high. This machine is equipped with a tool changer magazine. Any tool can be placed in the tool magazine. During processing, the tool can be automatically changed according to different processing techniques, which saves the time for manual tool change. It is a high-configuration machine and is suitable for use with For customers of various types of processing.

wood machine