Каковы преимущества машины резания с ЧПУ для двойной станции?
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Каковы преимущества машины резания с ЧПУ для двойной станции?

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With the development of the panel furniture industry, the desktopдеревоcnc router is also constantly improving. The numerical control cutting machine has the advantages of intelligence, high processing accuracy and easy operation;

Double-station CNC cutting machine is also a kind of CNC cutting machine. The double-station cnc router aluminum cutting машина can not only lengthen the table size. Changes to the countertop directly affect configuration changes. Such as inverters, motors, drives, systems, etc. The technical requirements for assembly workers are more stringent, such as the parallelism and flatness of the countertops, which need to be controlled by skilled workers.

The main advantage of the double-station CNC cutting machine is that the processing efficiency is relatively high. 1. Since the double-station wood cnc routerмашинаadopts double table, when processing products in one station, another station can also process multiple products at the same time, such as labeling for classification. 2. After processing, the countertop can be cleaned in time to save time. 3. Loading materials in time on unused countertops to improve processing efficiency without wasting time

On the whole, the double-station cnc router 1325 improves the processing efficiency by at least 30% compared with the ordinary cnc router wood machine. If you have a large business volume and have requirements for processing efficiency, you can choose a double-station CNC cutting machine!

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