Какой столешница подходит для деревянной машины с ЧПУ?
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Какой столешница подходит для деревянной машины с ЧПУ?

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Types of woodworking engraving machine countertops: Common engraving machine counter tops include profile counter tops, vacuum adsorption counter tops, and adsorption block counter tops.

1. When to buy profile countertops

Customers can also choose the model that suits them when they buy thecnc woodworking cylinder engraverАнкет However, this is not entirely the case. If you use a tool with a relatively small diameter (such as a tool below 4mm) to cut, due to the small gap, some can also be vacuum adsorbed on the table.

2. When to use vacuum to adsorb the countertop

The vacuum adsorption table is not suitable for embossing, because the processing time of embossing is generally long.

It is generally made into a 6-zone or 8-zone table, and each control valve controls a small zone. The advantage of this design is that if the fixed work piece is relatively small, it is not necessary to open all the control valves, which also saves electricity. from an angle. The vacuum adsorption table is also called the dual-purpose table for suction and clamp.

3. Woodworking engraving machine adsorption block table

It is designed for irregular sheet adsorption and belongs to the custom engraving machine model.

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