Why is the four-process panel furniture cutting machine so popular?
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Why is the four-process panel furniture cutting machine so popular?

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А4 spindelfull auto cnc machine for wood door furniture is an economical and practical woodworking machine tool. Four spindles, of which two high-power spindles are dedicated to grooving and blanking, and the other two are dedicated to stamping. In this way, different dimensional processing requirements can be achieved in the production of panel furniture. Furthermore, in the production of cabinet doors, four spindles can be used to create the shape of the door. This machine is suitable when four or fewer head types are required for door panel machining. In particular, if there is a problem with one of the spindles during use, the other spindles can still work without delaying production. Therefore, the machine is cost-effective.


The advantages of the four-process panel furniture cutting machine:

1. Adopt automatic tool change program, multiple spindles work at the same time, improve processing efficiency.

2. Vacuum adsorption table, good adsorption effect, no need to manually fix the plate, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

3. Equipped with servo motor, high-precision gear and imported rack drive, the machine runs stably, with low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy.

4. Intelligent control system, humanized control interface design, the operator can operate after simple training

5. With break point power failure recovery function, more intelligent.

The machine can be applied to a variety of industries, such as panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, custom furniture, computer desks, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils, etc.

These are the reasons why the four-process panel furniture cutting machine is so popular. If you have a demand for the4 spindlecnc router woodworking machinery, or encounter any problems in use, please leave a message or private message to us, andСупер звезда CNC will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

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